The Tuscan Desk & Shelf

Minimal and sturdy - The Tuscan is a desk and shelving system that will create a bold statement in your space. Whether you’re sitting down for a studious study session, or reaching up for a good read, this piece will support you 100%. 

We will help you customize this shelf to your space. Please contact us below to start your design. If you would like to send us attachments, you can also email us directly at

Our production lead time for custom products is 4-6 weeks before shipment.

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Product Details

Shelf spacing for The Tuscan should be figured out before install, as any wall supports for the shelves will limit your ability to adjust the spacing between shelves after the unit has been installed.

For units made from live brass it is important that you wear gloves while installing the unit as the oils on your hands will leave markings on the brass. More information on product care can be found on our Product Care page.

The Tuscan Desk & Shelving Units typically use an 1-1/4" diameter tube. You can purchase a sample here.

Meet the Tuscan Shelf Fittings

Here are are all the fittings used to construct The Tuscan Desk & Shelving System. If you would like to modify an existing system or make one on your own, we welcome you to browse our collection.

Looking for some tube for your tipping unit? Contact our sales team, and we will be happy to help you out!