Product care

At Brass Hardware, we aim to create products that will last for generations. The quality of a product’s life is dependent on the care of the owner, so we want to outfit you with the tools necessary to keep your products looking as sharp as the day they were installed. 


The brass we use to make our products is solid live metal, which means that it will patina over time. This process brings out the beautiful tones in the metal, but if touched too early with bare skin, fingerprints and oil marks will be transferred and can take away from the metal’s natural aged look. To ensure that this does not happen to your brass products, here is what we suggest:

Wear nitrile or latex gloves when installing your products, and avoid touching with bare skin for the first two weeks. This will give the brass enough time to oxidize and be protected from the oils on your skin. 

In cases when there are fingerprints, they can be removed with Brasso Metal Surface Polish on a microfiber cloth, and finished with a high-grit 3M scotch brite blending hand pad.  

Modular Shelving

Life is all about adapting to change. We know what you are putting on your shelf now may change in the future, and that the shelf will have to change to accommodate your new art collections, decorations, or lifestyle habits. 

On all of our modular shelving units there is some adjustability built in to accommodate these changes. Using an Allen Key or Hex Wrench can loosen the fittings to adjust the height between your shelves. Make sure that when you are tightening it all back together that your shelf is level and the set screws are tight! We wouldn’t want any belongings rolling away.