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Our Guarantee
Who we are

Brass Hardware is an all-inclusive shop. We manufacture, finish and package every product we sell under one roof. This allows us to ensure:

  • Quality - Every product that comes out of our shop is created with the utmost care, and is inspected for any flaws before being packaged. 
  • Customer Service - Our customer service team works closely with our fabricators to ensure that each detail of our custom projects are executed to perfection.
  • Customization - Our talented team and array of tools and machines allows us to create custom products to a fidelity that is sought after, and hard to come by. 
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Reasons to become a trade program member
  • Member Pricing - Receive trade discounts on orders.
  • Priority Customer Service -Get to the top of our inbox for quick communication.
  • Members Only Access - Be first in line to view and buy our upcoming releases.

Testimonials From Our Members

"In our quest for cost-effective yet high-quality brass shelving for a restaurant bar, I fortuitously discovered Brass Hardware. Their unparalleled customer service, outstanding creativity, and unwavering professionalism have been consistently impressive. This collaboration has extended to two other restaurant projects, each time reaffirming their exceptional standards. I am continually excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with such a world-class team."

-Cliff Weinstein, The Pizzeria